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Question: How do you like being a woman in heavy metal, a musical style that is often associated with men?

Simone: I don’t know anything different. This is what I’ve been doing for 10 years now and when I’m lucky I may see a female merchandiser to talk to or something. The guys can get pretty messy and tell me that I’m like their mom. I tell them to drink their smoothies and remind them that they all need to stay healthy. It’s always me that’s bitching about cleaning up, flushing the toilet, drinking smoothies, stuff like that. It’s really fun to hang out with other female singers in the genre like Cristina Scabbia, Floor Jansen, Tarja Turunen and others and talk about what it’s like. I’m not the only female singer dealing with mostly guys. You always have little things with each other; with guys, they might hit each other and the next day things are good. Girls are just different. But they know how to handle me and I know how to handle them.

(Source: wastelandcaress)

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